Kiikala Steel Works Oy (KSW) and Metallirakenne Kangaskorte Oy have agreed on the sale of Metallirakenne Kangaskorte Oy’s business operations to Kiikala Steel Works Oy on March 22, 2021.

The owner of Metallirakenne Kangaskorte Oy, Konsta Kangaskorte, and the employees will be employed by Kiikala Steel Works Oy, however the production will continue in the same premises in Muurla.

The operations will continue uninterrupted in Muurla as well as in Kiikala Steel Works Oy’s other factories. The customers will not be required to take any actions regard this, but the agreements will be valid on current terms.

After the acquisition Kiikala Steel Works Oy will have approximately 8000 m² of production space and ~45 employees when counting the newly acquired operations and the existing ones.

This business acquisition enables an even more diverse range of services. It will increase production capacity, flexibility, and speed. It will strengthen our expertise in aluminum and RST/HST welding, machining, assembly, as well as project work. It also supports the company’s growth strategy.